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  • Welcome to the new Comment section for THE PET WASH

  • Manny LOVES the Pet Wash!!! As soon as we get out of the van Manny starts pulling as hard as he can to get some of those homemade jerky treats you guys make. It it weren’t for your treats Manny would not let me bathe him.

    Thanks guys.

  • Mello and Sparkey is in love with The pet wash,your staff have answered all of my questions over the years,from fleas control to dog food I have grown in your presence.
    Friendly,great atmosphere,I will never take my babies anywhere else.

  • This place is great. The staff is super friendly, the grooming rooms ultra clean and they are so welcoming to any of the rescues I bring in for a bath. There is not another place I would bring my dogs for either a self cleaning or leaving and having them groomed professionally.

  • Have been taking our baby here for years. Can’t beat it. You can go through the mess and hassle of washing them at home or pay a few bucks and make it easy and fun. The dog loves it, the Pet Wash knows how to make them feel right at home.

  • I LOVE this place! Very friendly and knowledgable staff. My dog, who normally hates bath time with a fiery passion, came out of her soapy experience looking beautiful and happy.

  • I love the Pet Wash and their crew of wonderful, dedicated and caring staff. I have three dogs and it was so wonderful to drop them off and an hour later pick up clean, happy dogs. We have since moved out of the area and cannot find anything even remotely close to the service provided by Maribel, Thomas, James, Adrian and others.


  • My first visit here and I love it. What a great idea. I very happy and will come back soon. My dog loves the food you gave me. I’ve never seen her eat so fast.

  • Yelp was right. You guys are the best. You get more for your money and the staff is great.

  • The Pet Wash is fantastic. We have been coming for years and my dogs love it! In fact, they do not want to go home! Thank you for providing a loving environment for what could be a stressful time.

  • the best place for dogs &cats…my dog zoe always takes me there for walks she just loves the people there an is the only place she likes to get washed &they know the stuff there….great food&treats etc…

  • My dogs love you guys. Giving them a bath is easy and stress free. They feel comfortable in your store. Just want to let you know that somehow a 7 and 10 year old Shepherds have grown to love getting baths and look forward to coming to your wonderful grooming salon.

  • Your self serve wash is always clean and well stocked. Thank you for the personalized service and great advice. Your facility is heads and shoulders above the rest! THANKS

  • I tried the natural flea drops on my dog and it worked. Thank you.

  • Washing my dog was easy, fun and cheap. Your staff was very nice and I will come back. the treats were a big hit to.

  • Just a thank you for all your help with my pup. Changing the food and giving her fish oil has miraculously cured her itchy, dry skin. She also loves the food too. I’ve told all my friends and you now have a happy, loyal customer. Wish you were open on Mondays. Thanks, Shamika & Annie

  • Thank you guys. You made my Bichon, Princess look like a million bucks. :)

  • Hope and I love the pet wash. Thank you for treating my Hope like a Princess when she comes there for her monthly spa day.


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